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PRO-LAB for interdisciplinary collaboration with multidimensional thinking

PRO-LAB for interdisciplinary collaboration with multidimensional thinking

Realizing design responsibility through multidimensional thinking, interdisciplinary research and innovative practice in a new industry environment.


PRO-LAB is an innovative consulting and design team that emphasizes multi-disciplinary cross-discipline, and realizes interdisciplinary collaboration through multi-dimensional thinking. Design is a complex process that involves innovative practice, interdisciplinary research, and a pervasive sense of responsibility, in which we hope to authentically and effectively confront social issues. The language of design is multilayered, it is not a specific style, but a specific function to be realized in a specific place in a specific social environment. PRO-LAB has always been standing at the boundary of design, and looking at design from an external perspective, an industry that is closely intertwined with humanities and society.


As designers in a new industry environment, all of the above attempts are our response to the current and future behavior of urban development.LAB is both experimental and innovative. Our core value is "Design=Value Creation=Obligation", and we will continue to produce new thinking and exquisite works through PRO-LAB.


-- PRO-LAB Team

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