Yixing Yada Sports Park


Location Jiangsu
Client Jiangsu Yada Cultural&Sports Development Co., Ltd
Completion CM2021
Area 4868㎡
Function Commercial

As everything is born from nature, the design method should also be based on this natural rule. 

Within this space, nature is the main character of the design. In the beauty of mountains and rivers, the design utilized the view towards the surrounding landscape, creating a space that maximizes the connection between indoor and outdoor.It also gives visitors a feeling that the sports center was born naturally from locals. Although it is built by human beings, it is more like a part of nature.

With the constructions of cultural and creative, tourism, outdoor, catering, accommodation and other services, Yixing Yada Sports Park is aiming to build up an interactive small town that encounters fascinating nature, creating a relaxing experience within the beautiful scenery of lake and mountain.

The mining Sports Park is one of the main parts of the planning. It is located on the original location of the old mine. The vertical disparity of the mining system brings both challenges and opportunities to the designers.

After doing the research about the geographic characteristics of the site, designers try to merge the indoor space with outdoor and the outdoor space with nature. Hence, a sense of balance between the three elements is created.

At the entrance, the continuity between interior space and the building can be seen.

The outdoor skin is embellished with rough materials and it helps reveal the connection with nature to the audience. At the same time, the material of the front desk has the same texture as the front wall, which helps extend interior to exterior. The extension of advanced design theory reduces the solemn boundary between indoor and outdoor.

While light is one of the elements that attract customers into the hall, it enhances the relaxed atmosphere inside and emphasizes the element of nature.

In the pool area, the French windows and mirror-like surface of the pool make people feel like they are in a natural-born swimming pool. It makes visitors feel the embracement of nature.

The planometric view towards the mountains and water surrounded is revealed as the mountain reflects on water, giving the people a graceful sense when they enter into it.

After stepping up into the top floor, the windows allow people to take a glance at the variations of surrounding nature. Whether through it is the narrow space on the top of the main hallway or the continued openings on the side, the visitors can sense the change between day and night. As it becomes brighter as time goes on, the heartbeat of nature resonates with the feeling of happiness and peace.

“Transparent” is the keyword that goes throughout the whole design. With the application of glass curtain walls, the best viewing conditions are revealed.

As we look from the top of the building,  we can see people doing exercises inside. At the same time, we are able to see people relaxing outside. An interesting conversation between outside view and the inside movement comes together, connecting nature, interior, and space.

Another spotlight of this design is using the architectural language for its interior. The sculpture-like stairs highlight interior space.

The mining history of the site is revealed by application of stone walls as main facade material. The dark colored stairs design really promotes the whole interior atmosphere.

This design pays tribute to the characteristic of the local elements and nature, and the original geometric specialties are well reserved. The multiple points of  application of wood texture gives a sense of the warmth of nature, allowing the visitors to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere there.

From the perspective of lighting design, the application of multiple linear light reveals the power of its composition and continuous design language of the whole space expresses its modernism.