Location HangZHou
Completion OF2017
Area 2000㎡
Function Office

According to a survey by the American Association of interior designers, people who like their work environment are 31% more satisfied with their work than the others. And a well-designed office is more attractive to talented employees. The survey also found that nearly half of the job seekers said that a company's office space would affect their decision whether to accept the job or not.

The idea of modern office design is not only about the style, but more about functions, life, logic, culture and a way of organization. The best office environment should appeal to employees to find their own space in the high-density office space.

—Leo Hu  Founder of WJ Design /Chief Designer

The VPGAME office is located in Hangzhou city center, which is a company running gaming club operations, gaming platform services and other relevant business. Nowadays the office environments of young companies are becoming more and more homogeneous. The design ideas are mostly concentrated in the industrial style with variety of elements and colors.

The challenges are how to make the overall space simple, moderate, elegant with multifunctional sections through less impact on the integrality of the overall space. We divided the space into several sections providing multiply forms of team work such as work area, multifunctional conference rooms, leisure space and a bar for employees to relax. Each section is separated but consistent in style.

Each section is separated but consistent in style. The space is well structured with different materials. Bare concrete walls are inadvertently inserted plays a role of coordination.

Office is more about the cooperative relationship between people. You can see transparent conference rooms present different expressions according to the materials including cement bricks, wood, glass, metal and so on.

One more important thing in office design is the impact of the light on the long-term work. We use the diffuse light in the main office space, so the light could illuminate the whole space through reflecting to the top to avoid the effect on the visual glare and creates a sense of relaxation in the leisure area.

When the sunlight reflects into the space through the glass, the whole space is filled with a vibrant atmosphere. In this way, people can work in a warm and relaxed environment through reasonable lighting, just like working in the sun.