The LOFT in The Sky City


Location HangZhou
Client Vanke
Completion LI2020
Area 54㎡
Function Living/Showroom
Awards IAI Interior Award /Silver award for model room

The younger generation, for independent multi-functional space requirements more and more intense, more can reflect the diversity of space design in the future of a new generation of young people in the future the demand and desire of life, where they can find the possibility of more in the future in this space, we also hope to be able to present a small space in the home, this space is not only the concept of the traditional family, is the contemporary young people an accommodation space of imagination.

The LOFT in The Sky City is about the imagination of young people. Under such a background, the designer hopes to create a living and working space that meets the needs of young people to solve the living space problems they encounter in living, based on the multi-format life circle that meets the living needs of young people through spatial relationship.

In the design, we focus on thinking about breaking boundaries, presenting different cultural backgrounds and artistic forms for young people to gather in communities, live freely, enjoy the present and explore the future together.