Location HangZhou
Client Hangzhou Xincheng Real Estate Co., LTD
Completion LI2021
Area 650㎡
Function Living

In contemporary context, people’s understanding of the sales center is no longer obtaining a single function of sales. It is expected to contain multiple elements and lifestyles.

Located in the North side of Hangzhou city, the design of Xifang Liang Yu Yman sales center aims to provide interactive real life scenes while fulfilling the demand for sales working. Forming its own culture tag through design refines the future portal of the community and then nourishes every individual who lives inside, so that they can integrate into life, immerse and experience the fun of every moment.

The design has a mature pre-consideration for the future function of the space: in the early stage, it undertakes the display function as a sales center, and in the later stage, it will become the main entrance of the community. Therefore, it is particularly important to create a sense of home returning ceremony and a sense of ritual order.

The sense of ceremony brought by the symmetry raises the attention of the visitor after they walk through the long gallery from the entrance. The framed view of the main entrance brings the infinite scenery within a limited scale.

As people step into the space, the open, comfortable and transparent feeling runs through the overall atmosphere.

The meeting room is designed in a clean and minimalistic design language. The geometric outline of the space can be easily sensed. The floor-to-ceiling windows with panoramic views create a conversation between indoor and outdoor, and the lines above the windows intentionally depress down and limit the field of view to the most appropriate scale.

The space can be formed and shaped by light, a kind of artistic method.

At the project model display section, all light sources are carefully designed to diffuse and reflect, creating a sense of grace and freedom. It helps guide visitors to appreciate and explore the site patiently. In detail, light with a strong sense of structure is embedded into the space in the form of copper pipe.  This design fulfills the needs of illumination and enhances the refinement of the details.

Although the designer uses geometric segmentation techniques to accurately depict the space from line to surface, it does not give visitors a feeling of intensiveness.

The combination of light green color and complementary color acrylic on the wall sets up the comfortable and easy tone, embellishing a light and chilling space. The loose separation of different sections creates flow and continuity, bringing people both clearity and security like walking into the lobby of a luxury hotel. Visitors can slow down and have conversations with others anywhere and anytime. Aside, scenery from outside is close to visitors, reflecting and revealing the vitality from inside.

The wooden staircase shares a strong feeling of sculpture. It is the main vertical transportation hub but also the center point of the space. The design of chamfering and curves makes the sculpture-looking stairs softer.

The tentacled wooden surface makes people feel warm while interacting with the stairs. Beside the stairs, the usage of the sandstone-like marbles are selected by generating the elements from nature. This design is intended to bring back the brutality feeling of the stone, creating dialogue between nature and indoor space. It also allows visitors to interact with it.

The space creates a small environment within ecology. From overall planning to detailing, the design can be perceived as the posture of daily life as well as the expectation of future. The design creates unlimited imaginations with advanced thinking of methodology and material selection, moulding a habitable, interactable, space with a strong spirit and a sense of reality.