Greentown Sanjiangkou City Exhibition Hall


Location NingBo
Client Greentown Group
Completion LI2021
Area 500㎡
Function Living/Sales Center
Awards Paris Design Award

Ningbo, a port with a long history, a city with vibrant hustle and bustle of life, is a unique place where design should not only focus on the sense of ritual and value, but return to human life - to find the scenes from everyone's dailylife, to contain the softness and sharpness of the city, and to integrate the character, aethetics and spirit of the locality.

As the earliest foreign trade port in Ningbo, Sanjiangkou is not only a place where merchants gathered, but also a symbol of the Ningbo urban development.

Sanjiangkou witnessed the history of Ningbo, and carried the memories and nostalgia of Ningbo people - it is always a topic among the older generation.

Greentown Sanjiangkou City Exhibition Hall is located at the intersection area of Daqing South Road and Xinma Road in Ningbo, an extension part of Sanjiangkou.

Considering the unique significance of Sanjiangkou in Ningbo, WJ STUDIO hopes that this project is not just a formalized real estate sales center, moreover can reflect and integrate diverse culture, such as Shanghai culture, Hongbang culture, and traditional culture in it; and finally becoming a space for both commercial and cultural communication.

The architectural style of the entire exhibition hall continues the style of surrounding cultural and historical architecture, using many traditional architectural elements. Based on this, the interior design combines modern design style with humanistic urban atmosphere, to construct a space with urban cultural attributes.

Besides the functions of sales office from display to sale, it also can serve as a community supportive social space, that brings abundant scenic and aesthetic experiences.

Although the space is not very big, it has the basic function of sales office, and also includes more derivative functions, creating a diverse and integrated spatial experience.

The first floor is designed in a casual and relaxed way, so that the interior space can naturally combined with the outside streets, and has a better view in the corner space, overall optimizes the space experience.

The second floor has more social attributes. Besides the function of sales office, it also serves as a brand output and activity venue, as well as a displaying space for subsequent cultural life.

At the same time, the project design boldly integrates traditional aesthetics and techniques, gives a feeling of affinity without losing overall aesthetics sense.

In terms of color, the design applies the color tone in Ningbo traditional Hongbang cultural clothing ——cyan, vermilion and black.

In terms of spatial form, deconstruction is applied in the design to reinterpret the form of traditional roof and wood structure, and reconstructs the relationship between main body, interior and roof.