Green Tea Play King @ JOY CITY, Beijing


Location BeiJing
Client Green Tea Play King
Completion HO2016
Area 280㎡
Function Hospitality

The restaurant is designed based on the inspiration of "travelling", focusing on the youth travelling topic and bringing the customers a unique experience of enjoying the great food and journey at the same time.

Green Tea PLAY KING Theme Restaurant, which is located in JOY CITY of Beijing, is a new concept fashion restaurant. It focuses on specialized Western food, especially different kinds of delicious Pizza. On March 10th, the second branch opened in the JOY City in Xidan, Beijing, with bursting popularity on the first day. There is no doubt that it has become another great success after the appearance of The Grandma’s.

Therefore the kitchen is decorated as a luxury bus, putting different elements perfectly together in the romantic space, sparkling and amazing. The dining area retains the cemented structure, bare pipelines and other originals.

The ground is designed as a part of a real road. Along with the wildly industrial modeling, combining with the punk style elements, the restaurant shows people a new kind of decoration which is creative and attractive.

The most flamboyant part of the restaurant is the new technology called Naked eye 3D Holographic Laser Projection. So with different sceneries changing, customers can have a feeling of space travelling from cities to great nature surrounding by all these elements.

Meanwhile, the dining area is divided into different parts, which can meet the needs of different number of people as well as different styles. The lights were placed so low that it makes a perfect and unique dining space for every individual who comes here.

Those humanized design is not only useful but also creative. Although it is a little bit busy and noisy in the restaurant, people can have a peaceful and quiet period of time inside their hearts during the meal.

The design of the entire restaurant is modern and fashion, which is so popular with the young. Anyone who comes here can experience a great sense of food as well as a sense of fashion. Play King can satisfy you not only from the most discerning taste, but also from every detail of the visual, auditory and tactile senses.

The world is so big, lets enjoy the great food along with a fantastic journey together.