Dangui Garden


Location HangZhou
Client Private
Completion LI2018
Area 300㎡
Function Living

The biggest difference between private residence design and commercial space design is the meaning of home, because home is a place where we feel warm, a place where the owner presents his or her private lifestyle.

Dangui Garden House is located in Hangzhou, a famous travelling city in the south of the Yangtze River. It is a transformational residence project. The owner is a family of six people, three generations. They have a high requirement of life quality. Our design started with knowing their living habits and hobbies, whether they have parties often, or they like reading, or they have collectibles. We even learnt the attitude of the owner to the material, their pursuit of aesthetic and so on. All the design ideas are based on their daily life.

In this world of reinforced concrete, people’s desire for nature is getting stronger. Our design follows the principles of nature instead of decoration and style. When we were dealing with the small courtyard on the first floor, the old pomegranate tree in the original courtyard is well preserved. The courtyard under the sun is full of green, which brings a sense of peace.

In order to conduct sunlight into the indoor space, we expanded the living room, and set a glass wall. At the same time, the fireplace is placed in the core area of the living room instead of a traditional TV background wall. On the one hand, it meets owner's hobby. On the other hand, it also provides heating in winter.

In the space and function layout, each design detail shows the humanized design thinking. In order to enhance the privacy of the entrance, we have transformed the original entrance, added stone walls, and formed a cascade perspective. According to the owner's preference for red wine collection, we designed a large wine cellar and a tea room at home. In the bedroom and other space design, we use white as the main tone, and logs, paints, stones as the main materials. We did not use too much decoration to fill the space, but to adopt the principle of comfort and conciseness to match, to create a relaxing and elegant living space.

In the designer's view, space is full of vitality because of the use and participation of people. We hope to reserve more continuity possibilities of space for users at the beginning of design. As the years go by, space will be endowed with life and soul.