Chengyuan Living Museum


Location TaiZhou
Client Bluetown
Completion LI2020
Area 1136㎡
Function Living

"There is a garden in the house, a house in the garden, a courtyard in the house, a tree in the courtyard, the tree can see the sky, and there is reading in the sky, it is not easy!"-Lin Yutang, "Twenty-Four Happiness in Taiwan".

Mr. Lin Yutang's house with a yard is the most ideal living place in the minds of every contemporary people. In our hearts, everyone has his own corner of the ideal yard, where there are flowers or simple. "Courtyard" and "garden" are indispensable architectural symbols in the construction of traditional Chinese housing. Courtyard and garden are not only a home, but also a long-standing cultural complex of Chinese people, which reflects people's pursuit of spiritual and personal space.

The project name "Cheng" is the design inspiration, paying tribute to traditional Chinese culture with "Garden within yard" and "Yard in garden" , deducting with modern design techniques, and constructing Oriental aesthetics.

We hope that there will be no separation between the interior and the building, and the outdoor landscape will be extended to the interior, one scene at a time, and the water will alternate between the interior and the exterior.

The high consistency of interior, architecture and landscape also makes every visitor perceive the path like "garden", which is the pattern of light, landscape and line. They are independent and form each other.

The curvilinear cutting at the top also gives the original space more expression.They are quiet or soft, and the reflection of the large area of glass and the outdoor water is also a manifestation of the supreme life concept of chengxin. Such a space should not be felt in isolation, but should be viewed from a more comprehensive dimension. These cut planes also combine to create a new space and make the whole space derive more possibilities.

The functional areas of the space unfold slowly in the space like a picture scroll, which satisfies the practical functions of the living museum and also allows aesthetic considerations to exist in the space. More importantly, the main line of the design runs through the space. The upper and lower Spaces are just like the tension and relaxation in life. It is also the separation and separation of functions.

In the designer's opinion, even if the space needs to meet the practical function, it should also be rich in regional and cultural belonging, and the richness of space superimposed with functions, with a sense of interest and ceremony.

The outdoor waterscape reflects the changes of the sky and clouds, and the water moves when visitors walk around. In the room, you can see these dynamics and changes. The water is not only the landscape of the garden, but also the landscape of the space. Dotted with rocks from Huangyan, it is an experience of living in harmony with local culture. There may be some reflection in the water, flowing away with the water, just like the word "cheng", pure and beautiful.

With a new understanding of life and the definition of a good life, we also opened an idea about chengyuan living space, which fits the contemporary living concept.

The space meets the multiple needs of the home, and the space is planned reasonably so that the users of the space can blend into the space and the living conditions, which is more in line with the comfort and leisure of the second residence.

The house is the container of life, and life is the whole meaning. Design is not only thinking in this space, but also transferring the concept and aesthetics of space to every visitor.