Vanke Yunchuang Gallium Valley R&D Center

Located in the west of Hangzhou, surrounded by universities, research and industrial resources such as Zhejiang University Zijingang Campus, Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Science and Technology, Ali Cloud Headquarters and Cainiao Industrial Park, Hangzhou Vanke Yunchuang Gallium Valley R&D Center will become a new gathering place for young talents in the future. The interior design seeks to translate the modern and straightforward architectural language and the genetics of the site, which is integrated with industry, academia and research, into a series of shared, comfortable and efficient office spaces.

The concept design is inspired by the visual characteristics of gallium, an essential material in the IC industry. To meet the expectations of the young working population and entrepreneurs with an innovative and international vision for their working life, WJ STUDIO has fully integrated the plasticity, refinement, environmental protection concept and technological atmosphere in every inch of the public area interior.

The first-floor entrance is set on the east side of the building, opposite Building #1 and #3 on the site, using the building setback interface and the naturally formed ground landscape to create a reminder before the entrance. Unlike the entrance lobby design of ordinary office spaces, we did not use the stone to shape the corporate image, but rather gallium elements and corporate culture genes to suggest the entire space movement. The gallium element is green-grey when solid and silver-white when business-like. We took these two colours as the starting point for the overall concept design and combined the high melting point and malleability of gallium with the design language.

The main lobby is the first space after entering the building, and the theme colour of Crop Valley, blue, was chosen as the base colour. After integrating and coordinating with the wall and furniture colours, Prussian blue with a green-grey tone was selected as the theme wall colour.

The other walls in the lobby are mainly made of corrugated metal profiles and copper-like stainless steel. The simple lines and large areas of colour paving emphasise the spatial integrity of the main lobby, alluding to the easy extension of gallium elements. The corrugated metal form allows the light and shade to change, creating a light and airy feeling and comfortable, professional and elegant space.

The back wall of the lounge area uses polished concrete to retain the essential texture of the construction, complementing the design of the light grey stone floor and the stylised surface of the walls.

The marble-textured carpet defines a lounge area in the expansive lobby, bringing the scale of the whole space back to the human body. The geometric forms and weight of the bespoke furniture shift the visual focus of the space downwards, and the thematic colours and accents of leather and suede fabrics bring a richer dimension to the lobby space.

In the connecting part of the lobby into the lift lobby, which naturally forms a visual transition area, we have used the location of the dual nodes of spatial scale and flow to set up a simple installation landscape. The yellow-green acrylic contrasts with the theme colour in a homogenous way, activating the relationship between the lobby and the lift lobby at the same time.

In the connecting part of the lobby into the lift lobby, which naturally forms a visual transition area, we have used the location of the dual nodes of spatial scale and flow to set up a simple installation landscape. The yellow-green acrylic contrasts with the theme colour in a homogenous way, activating the relationship between the lobby and the lift lobby at the same time.

The design of the lift lobby continues the theme of colour guiding the whole space, with Prussian blue used in the ceiling and wall decoration to harmonise the texture of the light grey stone on the walls and floor. This design language is also used in the corridor design on the standard floor, where the luminous film along the ceiling in the theme colour provides a gentle and neutral atmosphere.

We set up a shared workstation near the takeaway counter on the ground floor to provide a small space for workers to unpack takeaways, send and receive deliveries, and provide interactive installations such as public messaging billboards. The concept of sharing and communication permeates the details of the design, and the balance between work and life requires spatial convenience and care. At the same time, the combination of linear and point light sources in small local spaces allows a little bit of theatre to come to life.

In the secondary lobby, we have designed a blue acrylic backdrop, with the primary purpose of displaying the effect of natural light on the illusion of reality.


Canal Center Office

Everyday, about a third of the time in the office, as for more ideas into office space, office space is no longer a traditional closed space, but with the ever-changing information high-speed iteration, gradually become an open work communication area, the room for the work, talks, even can gradually derived lectures, salon, event and so on brand-new scene, has become a new medium, to join different forms of communication.

This design is in an auto industrial park, situated along the canal, the designer hopes to provide the user with a comfortable office experience, on the basis of creating a slightly cool feeling, work flow and open space, to support the future changeable demand, we hope to break the boundaries of space and time, this coincides with the attitude of contemporary new office space.

Resetting the streamline of the space becomes the first step of the design. The biggest feature of the shared office space is to plan out a reasonable area in an open space, and rationality becomes especially important, the open office area and the separate office and meeting area are arranged at intervals, so that users can switch efficiently and autonomously between the two different kinds of office places according to their needs.

Open and half-empty areas have multiple spatial attributes like courtyards, which can be freely transformed between office, social education and even activity Spaces.

When choosing the height of the space, we focus on the sense of use of the space users, and reasonably plan the first floor and the additional floor space to reduce the sense of oppression of the space users.

In the choice of materials, the basic overall use of wood veneer with mirror and glass, such practice is intended to avoid the many shared office space design trapped in the vicious circle,  excessive pursuit of entertainment and lost the original characteristics. In this way, people working in the office space can be happy at the same time, they can always maintain the tone and enthusiasm of the office.

On the decoration of the space, we also focus on the consistency with the style of the park. The decoration of car parts in the space, recycled parts from used cars, makes the space more interesting, and divides the space reasonably, which is also the practice of the current sustainable concept.

And the addition of ground color, let the space more lively, in such an atmosphere, the user of the space will burst out more inspiration and ideas.

The mirrored glass widens the interior area and increases the sense of hierarchy of the space. The continuous glass surface brings more sunlight into the interior and establishes the flow relationship between indoor and outdoor space.

The whole renovation design adopts the subtraction method to strip out the space and structural prototype, and restrained the material into the space system, thus increasing the visual height and width of the space, in the future office space development in the new mode, there will be more infinite possibilities for more companies will be carried out here,now and in the future .





Lingdi Office

This project is located in Hangzhou Zancheng Center, a building with square structure façade. It is adjacent to Qiantang River in the south, attracting many famous international companies to settle in for office.

The owner is a company founder, who focuses on high-end clothing design and fabric R & D.  With the development of business, a new space is needed to show the persistence and brand spirit of materials and fabrics.

At the beginning of the project, designer Leo Hu and his design team, after many times of communication with the owner, focused on how to express the excellent fabric material and cutting through space and color.

Leo Hu, the designer, hopes to use simple lines and devices to reshape the space and create a space integrating exhibition, reception and office.

The simple color block and the space are separated by the use of design and customization materials make the large space not have a strong sense of regional function, and the body in it will not feel constrained. To create a space relaxing and comfortable, just like the comfortable wearing feeling brought by the high-end cutting materials. It will not feel constrained, but detached and comfortable.

At the entrance, white is used for development, and only the simplest lines are used for decoration at the wall. Every visitor can feel the extreme purity when entering the space for the first time. The combination of white wall and projection makes the entrance space more modern and professional, and also makes the entrance space have different visual levels.

Different from the traditional office space, the entrance chooses the setting of no lobby and no entertainment. Subtraction in the space can make the whole office space more complete. Simple line decoration can be used for spacing, which has the function of separation and no rigid wall spacing. It makes the space have more simplicity It seems to be a simple quilting decoration on the clothing, which is orderly from the far view and close to the view Elaborate low-key design.

Entering the main space, the floor-to-floor window on one side allows the whole space to have a open view of the beautiful Qiantang River. The space only uses simple colors. The designer hopes to reproduce the texture and technology of the old industrial era.

The use of new and old materials also makes the space collide with a new visual atmosphere, just like the use of different materials in clothing, splicing out various collocations.

As a dual attribute of office and exhibition hall, space needs to be met is indispensable. The simplest color matching is to set off clothing and cloth, and the office area also provides more possibilities for daily work.

In the fabric exhibition area, the designer chooses the simplest lines for combination. The vision of the space is clean, simple and straightforward. The design of lighting also makes the delicate materials and clothing displayed incisively and vividly.

In the river view area, the designer has made a new planning and integration for the functionality of the area, making the use of the area space more relaxing. The sofa, carpet, single chair, texture and color complement each other. The designer hopes that every user will have a kind of leisure and comfortable mood. When the weather is good, look out and the river is sparkling. Natural and cultural atmosphere is expresing in the space between ships.

The small coffee box in the space breaks the past that the tea area is separate from the main space. The embedded small coffee and tea bar makes the time to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea more relaxed, and adds a little sense of daily life and interest to the afternoon tea in the working time every day.

Simple things can often offer people more feelings in details. While space has its own identification degree, it also solves the complex feelings brought by the environment. A new space is playing its infinite potential.



Y20 SPACE is located in the Hongyuan Park inside of the famous Hangzhou XiXi Wetland and surrounded by charming natural scenery and profound historical culture. This area is attracting a large number of small and medium enterprises, such as investment companies, Internet Co, and many start-up companies. When the owner AIcai Technology found us, they did not just want a work place, but more to create a space for office work, business conference, activities, presentations and exhibitions.

After we learnt our customer’s demand, we have carried out the overall design of the space from the point of view of the positioning and functional requirements of the whole building. The original building is more like a sculpture, standing in the XiXi Wetland scenic spot for people to see. Our design challenge is to through our design idea we create an atmosphere like WEWORK, make a difference from the traditional work space in the neighborhood, meanwhile we had to think how to create an attractive experience in this shared business space.

The landscape of the original main entrance of the building is very good, so we changed it into sunken yard. With the surrounding white wall, it becomes a great place for people to spend their leisure time and enjoy the views of the landscape. The transparent glass wall makes the indoor space bright and brings an open vision for the people inside of the building. The white exterior wall, the red seats, the light solid wood, the cement, and the plants bring a concept of the modern simplicity.

We made a whole new entrance to the side of the building and made it like a channel as we wanted to convey a ritual sense of space, create a time tunnel feeling. Walking though the channel we can see an open interior space which brings a strong contrast between the narrow entrance and the open bright interior space.

The whole construction is slightly thick, so we use white as its main tone for the indoor space and used a lot of wood as the main material for interior decoration to create a sense of lightness. The original building itself is like a letter Y, so the streamline of the indoor space is designed to act in coordination with the building. The gray color and the original cement make the space simple and pure.

Due to the limitations of the construction some parts of the interior space are relatively narrow and lack sun light. We changed some walls into glass so we could make a connection between the indoor space and the outdoor environment and bring an open view for the people inside. Also we used a lot natural material to make the interior space a extension of the outdoor environment so people here can feel the seasons change.

We think that design is not a skill, but a sense of perception and insight that captures the nature of things. The main concern is not the form, the space or the image, but the users’ experience. Space is invisible but it is as rich as life and full of dynamic just like breeze, you cant see it but you can always feel it. This is a kind of new work environment experience that we always want to bring to people.

The whole space of the building is very high, so the echo is too loud. We used sound-absorbing walls to make the space less noisy so people can avoid discomfort caused by the echo or resonate during the daily activities. We also preserved some space in the window area that is convenient and flexible for the future demand.

The holes in the original building wall are well preserved. They are the windows to the beautiful views, just like eyes are the window of the soul.

The sunken chatting area makes the visual level closer to the nature when you look at the outside landscape. And the fireplace brings warmth to the space.

We see a quiet and warm atmosphere in Y 20 Space like a natural gift to let people inside explore and seek.



According to a survey by the American Association of interior designers, people who like their work environment are 31% more satisfied with their work than the others. And a well-designed office is more attractive to talented employees. The survey also found that nearly half of the job seekers said that a company's office space would affect their decision whether to accept the job or not.

The idea of modern office design is not only about the style, but more about functions, life, logic, culture and a way of organization. The best office environment should appeal to employees to find their own space in the high-density office space.

—Leo Hu  Founder of WJ Design /Chief Designer

The VPGAME office is located in Hangzhou city center, which is a company running gaming club operations, gaming platform services and other relevant business. Nowadays the office environments of young companies are becoming more and more homogeneous. The design ideas are mostly concentrated in the industrial style with variety of elements and colors.

The challenges are how to make the overall space simple, moderate, elegant with multifunctional sections through less impact on the integrality of the overall space. We divided the space into several sections providing multiply forms of team work such as work area, multifunctional conference rooms, leisure space and a bar for employees to relax. Each section is separated but consistent in style.

Each section is separated but consistent in style. The space is well structured with different materials. Bare concrete walls are inadvertently inserted plays a role of coordination.

Office is more about the cooperative relationship between people. You can see transparent conference rooms present different expressions according to the materials including cement bricks, wood, glass, metal and so on.

One more important thing in office design is the impact of the light on the long-term work. We use the diffuse light in the main office space, so the light could illuminate the whole space through reflecting to the top to avoid the effect on the visual glare and creates a sense of relaxation in the leisure area.

When the sunlight reflects into the space through the glass, the whole space is filled with a vibrant atmosphere. In this way, people can work in a warm and relaxed environment through reasonable lighting, just like working in the sun.

MISA Studio

The project is a high-level personal studio of an artificial intelligence company, located in a hollow old factory building. Its design is to be in the moment work and living in a single unified environment will be the city's abandoned space into a multi-dimensional interesting living space.

Owners demand is very easy. The design of a wood workshop with a temporary residence. It can support a large dog, and you can park Ural (a motorcycle)

The original space between the two plants and the space is a shipping channel, the top left the original lightweight steel roof. The original structure of the house, space, use, does not fit existing design requirements. How to reshape the form of space in a new living experience is critical to the overall design.

Designers insert a box-shaped space divided into three functional space in the original application for the second floor of the fixed-level high school , and in the space into the two courtyards.

Designers want to create such a rich experience of residential space. There is no good environment around this building from the outside. But into the interior will find it , because there are very bright atrium and another internal courtyard occupied the entire one-third area. It provides a contact with nature, and reveals all aspects of nature, is the center of work and life, but also a device replaces the disappearing light, wind, rain and other natural objects in the modern city . Sky light infiltrates into yard, casting a deep shadow on the wall and yard.

Indoor space outdoor, natural through the Light Court was introduced into the interior, the new form of life has also assumed a serious side. "In this case, the design that contact with the natural life is more important than convenience."

The main function of the first floor for the wood workshop, the entire space without any partition space, the structure of the column and the concrete directly constitute the main visual elements of space. Through a huge automatic sliding door, Ural can be directly into the internal space, and for the wooden work area provides a flexible workspace.

The second floor is the reception room and open kitchen and living room.Living room, reception room and open kitchen different functional areas here are

organic combination .The first floor staircase and the second floor opening walkway will be connected to the two functional space. The external area of the reception area can be moved open, connecting the indoor atrium and outdoor view of the landscape.

Bedroom door opened, through an inner courtyard, into the most intimate living space, in a small space with more rich empty experience.

the third floor

Leave extra space on the third floor to provide more possibilities for use of the light, from the redesigned planking into the interior space, showing a rich light and shadow.