WJ Design won the 2018 German Design Award

Feb 9th, the GDA awards were announced and held at the International Exhibition Center in Frankfurt, Germany.

Founded in 1953, the annual GDA (German design award) is one of the most internationally recognized awards. It is dedicated to the award and dissemination of world-class design works.

The winning works of WJ Design is a multi interesting space -MISA studio and house, which is transformed from abandoned old factory building. As a company with critical thinking and forward-looking design, WJ Design pay attention to the outer space within the building, continuity and creativity, by agreeing with the favor of numerous design awards, and also selected 2017 AD100 and 2017 INSIDE festval interior design awards.


Jury Statement:

An elegantly executed and very contemporary looking design whose exclusive character and distinctive identity are accentuated by the box-shape space inserted into the structure.


GDA Awards Link as below: