The ultimate pursuit of hardcover design

From a cold empty house into a warm comfortable home, it is inseparable from the aborative design and decoration. Nowadays, interior decoration is not only a big market in real estate, but also the only way to achieve the ultimate goal of a successful home environment.

On 8th April, Youcai Business School 2017 Shanghai Station, which is sponsored by the China Real Estate Purchase Platform and Sina Real Estate, invited three speakers from Wanjing Design, Zhongliang Real Estate Group and 3Trees Paint. It is a detailed share of the trend of real estate from different perspectives of designer, estate agent, and supplier. The audiences are from more than 20 well-known real estate companies, such as Jinke, Yanlord Land, Hutchison Whampoa, Xiangyu Group, Greenland Group, Helenberg Group, Blue Real Estate, Zhongliang Real Estate Group, Shimao Group, Sincere Group.

As one of the lecture speakers, the founder and design director from Wanjing Design, Leo Hu thinks that from the development of residential sample room, we found that the requirement of residential design is about basic demand, style, and culture and eventually back to life itself. Regarding the inner decoration, previously it was 70% hard decoration and 30% soft decoration, but now those figures have reversed. The way to express the value of a residence through New Chinese, Modern, and North European styles are no longer able to meet the modern needs of a home decoration.

Focus on life itself is the ultimate pursuit of modern design. Modern residential sample room should focus more on the expression of life itself, rather than a decoration form. In order to get a higher sense of the residential value and to turn to a cultural thinking and living condition, we shall consider the architectural design, landscape design, interior design and soft design as a whole design process, to make both the in and outsides of a property consistent with one another.